Nutralyfe is one of the top brands dealing in health supplements. The brand focuses on providing nourishment through natural sources& nurtures the body effectively. The brand serves people in India & abroad and rules the list of reliable brands.

  • Nutralye products are popular for the rich herbal formulation. These products undergo a series of tests that assure the standards of safety.
  • Top products from this brand are Nutralyfe Garcinia Cambogia, Nutralyfe Raspberry Ketone, Nutralyfe Regain & Regain+ hair oil.


Natureal is the new name for authentic natural products to take care of the daily requirements of the body. This brand offers the simplest form of herbal nourishment to make a difference in health. What differentiates it from the other brands is the authentic herbal formulation with no added colors, additives or chemicals.

  • Natureal is the new range of health products with a variety of ingredients. The products are formulated for fulfilling the motive of holistic wellness.
  • All the products in this range contain assorted herbs that are backed with deep scrutiny & with the idea of enriching lives.


Liv Organiqueis the new name under the roof of skin care products. Liv Organique products are formulated with the best quality herbal ingredients to give your skin the much-needed natural care. It has a solution for every skin problem & can be rightly termed as the ultimate beauty friend forever.

  • The brand assists you in taking good care of your skin in the most natural way possible. The name Liv Organique is justified by the close to earth personal-care solutions provided by its unique range.
  • The range comprises of completely natural skin care products specialized with well researched, time tested natural ingredients.


Nutripath offers ingredient-based products to assist the smooth functioning of the body. Nutripath products fulfill all standards of quality & pass through three step quality checks, to give a perfect dose of nourishment to the buyers.

  • Nutripath products contain supreme quality ingredients with no use of chemicals, fillers or binders.
  • Nutripath products are research based products. All the products under this brand are GMP Certified & are completely safe for use.